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Vacation Homes and Villas: Find A Home

As the vacation and holiday home market has grown over the years with the high demand for short-term rentals so strong a wonderful resale home and villa market has developed.

As they say in Real Estate “location, location, location”!

Central Florida is now the world’s number one (1) vacation destination, with millions of visitors arriving each month from all areas of the world.

Central Florida is currently experiencing a tremendous surge in development. Coupled with this growth, there has been an increase in the value of land and real estate. The Central Florida real estate values anticipate a continuation of this very positive growth over the next ten years.

Many new resort communities are currently available with more being planned for the near future. The strong demand for homes has continued to inspire many builders and developers to design new homes and communities to impress the marketplace.

Orlando, FL – Income Producing Vacation

Investing in real estate may be your best option to both improve your net worth and build assets for retirement. Real estate is the one investment choice that can provide the following three values:

  • Rental Income
  • Owners Use and Enjoyment
  • Capital Appreciation

Rental Income
In our year round rental market, you can enjoy the rental to offset some or all of your incurred expenses. Our vacation homes are a great value to families or groups, vacationing in Orlando when compared to staying in a quality hotel. Florida Spirit Vacation Homes also offer our “Great Golf Getaway” packages. This includes our beautiful vacation homes plus outstanding golf on some of the most exciting courses in Florida.

Owners Use and Enjoyment
While owning a beautiful Orlando area vacation home can be a great investment, it can also be an excellent retreat for family and friends. Our year round weather can be an inviting opportunity to come and enjoy all that central Central Florida has to offer.

Capital Appreciation
The Orlando area has been experiencing a tremendous surge in development. Coupled with this growth, there has been a consistent increase in our property values. Since our vacation homes provide rental income; and our current home prices, including pools and furnishings, are so reasonable, future values may continue to increase.
As you search for an excellent real estate value and a viable rental opportunity, you will find that the Orlando vacation home area is an outstanding investment choice. For new fully furnished, pool holiday homes with spacious 3 to 5 bedrooms, 2 to 4 baths, are attainable from the mid $300,000s. However, if you are interested in townhomes or condominiums, they are starting in the mid $200,000’s. Several of these communities are being built by the largest home builders in the U.S. and are generally located within 15 minutes to the major theme parks such as Walt Disney World Orlando. Furnishing your holiday home can be fun and exciting. You can all your furnishings from linens to teapot or have an interior decorator do it for you.
Financing is available with only 10% down for the U.S. residents and 20% down for the international buyer. At this time, Central Florida is experiencing very low mortgage rates, in addition to reasonable property taxes when compared to other markets around the country.
Property management companies are available to both manage and market your vacation rental home. Some of these services include lawn care, pool service, housekeeping, and general maintenance. Now, this is the best part; all of this can happen because Orlando is the largest family vacation destination in the world. Last year, according to Central Florida tourism statistics, over 36 million people came to enjoy Florida’s theme park attractions, making it an area with year round rental market opportunity.

If you are thinking real estate in your investment portfolio then do not fail to explore Orlando vacation rental home market.

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