Florida real estate market’s shrinking inventory creates an extremely competitive situation for real estate investors. Our team is constantly scanning the market for MLS ­listed and off ­the ­market properties for our own rehabbing projects. Because we focus only on specific areas, particular types of properties, and a certain price range, we are able to pass on all other promising deals to our investor pool.


We can help you meet your investment goals by:

  • Wholesaling discounted single ­family properties that you can rehab and keep as a rental or rehab for profit.
  • Providing you with turn-­key solutions – fixed ­up rental properties ready to be rented out immediately or with a tenant already.

We strive to provide you with all the necessary information to determine if the property is a good investment:

  • Address
  • Pictures
  • Property Description
  • Repair estimates
  • Financial Analysis
  • Property Information
  • Sold Comps
  • Rent comps
  • Map

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First Choice Vacation Homes originally started as a company that worked exclusively with sellers to help you sell your houses in Florida, Orlando, Miami, Plam Beach, and surrounding areas regardless of condition, or time constraints. In the course of time, we have eventually evolved as an investment company, perfecting our selling, marketing, and negotiating skills at every step of the journey. Today, we provide traditional seller’s representation as well as buy properties for our own portfolio. We also market every property we sell to our extensive database of local realtors and investors.

As your listing agent, we would:

  • Advise you on optimal pricing strategy;
  • Implement the optimized marketing campaign to create maximum exposure;
  • Make sure that the property title is clear and all liens are taken care of;
  • Negotiate the best price for the property;
  • Ensure that all the documents meet legal requirements.

Why Would You Hire an Investment Company to List Your Property?

Superior Market Knowledge

As investors, we have a profound understanding of the real estate market, including market conditions, submarket conditions, buying season, neighborhood and subdivision comparable sales, comparable rents, and condition of the property. That superior knowledge translates in better pricing and marketing strategy, stronger negotiating position, and eventually the better financial outcomes for our clients.


Better Pricing

Based on the property and market data, we can very accurately project the sales price to the retail market that will both minimize the days on the market and guarantee a fair price for the property.

Shorter Selling Cycle

We create great exposure for your property, by making it searchable for over 24,000 realtors and 1 million consumers in Florida Metro. In addition to that, we also list your property on more than 50 other websites and translate the content in 4 different languages, making your property searchable nationally and internationally. We also actively market your property to our network of over 700 realtors and investors.

Superior Negotiation Skills

Money is often the only thing that you get to keep when the house is sold. We make a living by negotiating the best prices for our own investment properties and for properties we sell for our clients. It is our #1 priority that our clients make money on every sale we negotiate for them.

Nationwide Listing

Service No matter where your property is located as long as it is in the U.S., we can help you sell it!



Whether you are needing a buyer to buy your house now or you are looking to buy a house in Florida, Orlando, Miami, Plam Beach, and surrounding areas; we are the professionals in this industry that can get you well on your way. Buying or selling a house can be a process, but it doesn’t have to be; we will guide you through every step on that journey until the house you want is YOURS!

Where Would You Like to Live?

Buying a house is all about you! If you have chosen the neighborhood you want to live, that’s great. If not, we can easily locate neighborhoods that match your preferences and have the houses selling for the price range that works for you. We strongly suggest driving around those neighborhoods. Not only will it help you choose the neighborhoods you like, but it will also help you understand what house you would like to live in.


What House Would You Like to Live In?

Once we know your neighborhood and house preferences, we can locate the houses that fit your criteria and let you choose the ones you would like to see. If you do not like any of the properties available on the market, we can set up a daily or weekly email update for you on new properties that come onto the market and fit your criteria. That way you will not miss a single new listing in the neighborhoods you like and will eventually find a house you would like to live in!

Let’s Buy It!

Once we have identified the houses you would like to see, we would schedule appointments for you to see the houses. We will advise you on the price and condition of each and every one of them, prepare offers on your behalf, and handle all contract negotiations. After your offer has been accepted and the contract has been finalized, First Choice Vacation Homes, as well as our team of escrow officers, inspectors, surveyors, appraisers, and mortgage brokers, will make sure that everything is ready for the closing. Upon closing, the property ownership is transferred to you and the house is now yours!


Our Pricing

To make sure that we can provide a presentation to all of our clients regardless of the price of the property they are looking to buy, we have adjusted our commission structure to include consulting fees. We charge additional consulting fees to represent buyers on cheaper properties. We render our services for free on properties priced for more than $100,000. While our representation costs you little to nothing, many times we can negotiate a better price for your home than you can!