Finance Center

Finance Center

Florida Spirit Real Estate Services, Inc. will provide you with information to finance the purchase of your Holiday Home.

Down Payment Requirements starts as little as 10% of purchase price for Americans and 20% for Foreign buyers, depending on which lending program you choose.

• FIXED RATE MORTGAGES FOR 15 OR 30 YEARS provide that your mortgage payment will never change over the full term of a loan. The Fixed Rate mortgages generally do not require any penalty to prepay or pay off the loan.

• ADJUSTABLE RATE MORTGAGES are available for a 30 year term with the interest rate to be adjusted each year.

• VARIABLE RATE MORTGAGES of 3, 5, or 7 years are based on a 30 year repayment term with a down payment of 20%. Verification of sufficient income will be required. With a down payment of 25% or more, no documentation regarding income will be required.

With several financing options available, we suggest that you have direct contact with a Florida based lender who will further outline these options and answer any questions that you may have.

Florida Spirit Real Estate can put you in touch with Loan Officers that specialize in the financing of vacation homes and investment properties. The Loan Officers would gladly give you very detailed mortgage cost analysis under no obligation